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Id like to share a little Science Video I made for my chemistry class


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This is a video I made for my High School Chemistry class. The project was to make a video dealing with a type of chemical reaction, and I chose combustion reactions.

I'm a filmmaker in my free time, so the video part was lots of fun, and I just wanted to share it and see what kind of feedback I can receive. I love science(but I'm not the best at it), but because I enjoy the subject, the project was that much more fun!



Thanks for watching and sending me some feedback!


-Trenton Hoshiko

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The production values of the video are good, but I don't think that the student comes away understanding combustion any better than they did before watching the video. I think you need to add a stronger narrative pertaining to what is being demonstrated. You might challenge the student to consider and choose which of several explainations that you would offer is the valid one in terms of why a match lights when struck on dry concrete, but not on wet concrete.

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Thank you Bill, that is a great suggestion! I had not even considered doing something along the lines of that. I do agree that there is probably little new knowledge taken away, and that would be a great way to challenge the audience and promote understanding of the reactions.


Thank you for your feedback!

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Depending on what grade this is I would recommend making it a bit simpler to understand, I am not great with chemistry but I know the basics of combustion and I felt a bit overwhelmed by the names of compounds that were being thrown at me especially in the beginning, btw I am 18. But all in all the production is great and I love your enthusiasm, keep up the good work!

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