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Permission regarding a scientific enciclopedia

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I am preparing an academic alternative to Wikipedia. In a well-known chemical forum the community has given some space to this project in a specific thread in their Education subforum. I can ask many questions in that forum, except those far from chemistry experts (cosmology, general relativity...) and I would like to know if this community would be interested in participating in this project, for instance revising and correcting the drafts or solving my occasional doubts. If the response is affirmative, where would I post?


For instance, I have just uploaded a new draft Open, closed, and isolated systems. The part discussing the terminology used in atoms in molecules theory will be changed following received suggestions by Prof. Chérif F. Matta.


I have not added the link to the draft because I am waiting moderators comments.

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I have no objections if you want to ask science questions as you write your drafts, or want to ask for reviews of your work. I'd suggest doing so in the sections relevant to each article; e.g., questions about an article on physics should be posted in the physics section. I'm sure our members and resident experts would be happy to answer your questions.

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