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COmputer video inerfering with TV!!

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Bit of a weird one, I have terrestrial digital TV though and aerial and booster.

I noticed some interference on the TV ('blocking') as i was playing a youtube video.

However when I paused the video the interference stopped and I found I could

cause or stop interference by pausing or playing the video!! Weird I thought.


The signal is not great on this TV channel but it usually OK.

I also tried playing a video in VLC player but that caused no interference?


Even weirder I tried other youtube videos and they did not seem to cause

interference, certainly not anywhere near to he same extent.


The video in question was.


I even tried another U2 video which I think was from the same concert and that cause no or little



I tried playing it with the sound and monitor turned off and it still cause interference!!


How weird is that!!



I though it might be because the video is boxed but it occurs full screen and in different sizes.


It does seem to help if I minimise the window seems to reduce it by over half.


Strange eh?


Bit creepy especially as Bono dedicates this song to his recently deceased dad.



This is not a wind up!! I wish is was!! I will try it again tomorrow.


Also it does not seem to do it playing the above embedded video


Which was ht tp://


I put a space in to stop it being embedded automtically

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It's not happening today, mind you I have moved the TV a bit.

Different weather seem to have improved reception overall.

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If it occurs again try unplugging the sound and the video at the computer end.

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The problem reoccurred which I put down to change in weather conditions perhaps so I decide to try your suggestions.

Unplugging the sound made no difference.


Then I tried the video but then realised I could not see the screen to play the video anyway whilst fiddling around

with the connection the problem seemed to go away, but further fiddling 'killed' the video card, so I had to reboot and hope

it still worked, which thankfully it did. The card is rather loose in it's slot, it's has no securing screw so it's a bit dodgy

messing around with it so I will leave it as it is.

Anyway the problem seems to have gone unless the climate conditions improved suddenly.


Still rather puzzling how one video seem to cause interference, maybe it just happens to set up

or hit come resonant frequency. I suspect it may be something to do with the black box round the


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