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Have you googled V2K?

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In another forum I had noticed at least two mentions of V2K. Apparently in "popular" parlance it is an acronym for "voice to skull".

I googled V2K, and my browser recommended the addition of "mind control". I got hundreds of hit's. All fairly consistent in their subject matter, concerning mind control, gang stalking, etc...

There appears to be a monumental body of social activity around "V2K", comparable to "UFO's", "ghost's", etc...

There also appears, unsurprisingly, to be a significant correlation between belief in V2K and schizophrenia.

I have yet to formulate a definitive question concerning these observations, but I think it is fascinating to consider the implications of this and other similar social phenomena.

Particularly, within the context of a nodal network model of society.

Really, I'm just interested in others thought's and observation's concerning this. Perhaps some link's to research or paper's dealing with this subject?

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What was the value that was inserted here related to these things or there as an origin to them, I can say "No Evil Remains". I have been saying this till now, and satans are falling.


No talk will be about critical things in an weak style as far as I can breath. No talk. I am still breathing and fighting.


Don't try to fear a thing nevertheless to frighten it. No Evil remains.


I got astonished when I found all this attack. Were all these wicked and wiled people living. And, I did have to wait, pait, stand and fight. But, I found it enough to be by a word.




Just a welcome to all those that were pure and innocent ............. and helled the bads.

Cheers ..... Amr Morsi.

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