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Experiment woes,


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I am so worried at the moment, i got a 65% and 64% on these experiments that i wrote up, and all because i cant write down what happened in the experiment properly, i want to brush up on my english for it, because my teacher said it will be very hard for me to pass if i dont get better, but i dont know where to start :-(

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The best way to write experiments is to break down your report into various sub-headings like : Aim, Procedure, Observations etc.

And then you MUST report everything you observe and also try and put down everything in points and do not write long paragraphs - nobody likes to read those.

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Report writing;


Introduction/Background: A paragraph or two outlining the point and prupose of the experiment as well as detailing the underlying theory your testing.

Aim: Brief susscint statement about what you aim to achieve by the prac.

Method: EVERYTHING you did, step by step and brieflt why you did it. Sub-catogries;

-Aparatus(all the stuff used)

-Diagrams of setup

-Procedure(outline of what you did and in what order)

Results: Brief objective statement of results

Analysis: Discussion of results and what they mean.

Conclusion: Should reflect aim. Brief summation of what was learned, what went wrong and how the experiment could be improved for greater accuracy.


Follow those guidelines in all your right ups and you can't go wrong. It will also stand you in good sted for your academic career if you leave high school with a firm understanding of the processes of experimental write ups. Try to remember bad marks aren't there to punish you, they are there to push you to do better and help you learn what you are doing wrong. If you are still having trouble with your english just read more. Reading is the best way to improve your use of language.

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