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Are there any sets of just Chemicals for a beginner who has his own equipment?

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I am going to be buying lab equipment and such from United Nuclear soon. I will be buying the full glassware set, as well as the hardware set.

I chose United Nuclear because they have very good prices.


Anyways, I wanted a sort of Chemistry set, but I didn't want a childish one, with low quality equipment geared towards children, as well as the experiments are geared towards children, while also being ridiculously expensive. So I am just going to buy the glass and hardware from UN.


But the thing is, they don't come with Chemicals like the kits do.


Are there any packages of Chemicals that I could buy alone, without hardware?


Or will I have to buy all the Chemicals separately?


The reason I am doing this is because I will start going to University next year and I will be majoring in Biochemistry.



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What is it you hope to achieve with chemistry? That is a big field and a good place to start is in the kitchen with cooking. However, I am assuming you had something a little exotic in mind.


The DVD offered here appears to be a good starting place. http://www.amazon.com/Men-Women-Science-Complete-Chemistry/dp/B003JOOD20 It will give an idea of how big the field is and help get some direction.


Have you tried googling adult chemistry sets?

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