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Bases in DNA


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The text book does not say that. They are saying that each set of 3 mRNA bases (called a codon) can code for a total of 64 different things. 3 stop-codons which are used as a termination signal, 1 start-codon which is both used as an initiation signal and codes for metionine, and 61 remaining for the other 19 amino acids.

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There are 4 possible bases: C, T, G and A.

There are 3 bases in a codon.


possibilities are CCC, CCT, CCG, CCA, CTC, CTT... etc.


that's 64 possible three-base combinations (codons). The maths to work that out is:


(4 possibilities for first position) X (4 possibilities for second position) X (4 possibilities for last position) = 4 X 4 X 4 = 4^3.


Is that what you were after?

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