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What is going on in France?


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"Throwing wobblies?" Is that a figurative term or some sort of nick-nack that's actually thrown at rallies or something? Just curious -- I love political terms. :)


Lol, just British slang. To throw a wobbly: to throw a tantrum, to have a hissy-fit, to get your knickers in a twist. I'd assume it's because if you're having a tantrum and waving your arms about, you look wobbly? (not taking the piss, but i'm loving the idea that 'wobblies' are actual tangible things that you throw at riots :lol: )


If you want to convince the American people to construct more (and more expensive) social welfare programs,


Not what I was trying to do, but:


only build them when the budget is balanced, the people are all employed, and there are plenty of presents under the CHRISTMAS tree. They'll happily go along for the ride.


Granted, but remember that France has already built them. After you've built them, you have to maintain them even when times are rough. Possibly especially when times are rough, otherwize you're left in a position whereby when people need social security the most, and are least to blame for their own problems, they're helped the least (after having payed for social security their whole lives).


Also, with france presumably having a job-shortage, you don't really want to increase the working population by increasing the age of retirement...

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