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Received this email from my oldest son Dave; a couple of days ago. Some years back, 1993, Dave was retiring from the Navy. My wife, Glenna and I went to LA for the graduation? Ahem!!, Took him over twenty years to get his diploma, but he got 'er done. A party recognizing him and his buddie's accomplishments was held behind the C.P.O. barracks. Officers and enlisted men had put it on to honor the retirees. I met Kenny Munds that day. He, Dave and a couple of their buddies were playing some music for us. Impressed! Yes. Not so much by the group itself, but Kennys voice. He was doing drug, booze and rehab all rolled into one at the time, but was begining to understanding again what sobiety actually meant. His voice,? That was what impressed me. You'll hear it shortly. I didn't know it at the time, but he and Dave were attending college together and playing honky tonks in the area, nights. Dave was still in the Navy but getting some credits before finishing his naval career. Kenny was a likable sort, but you could see the hurt in him. He and Dave had played music together for a couple years, with Dave trying to keep Kennys head screwed on right. Dave and Becky moved to the Nashville area shortly after that, while Kenny stayed in California. This guy is extrordinary to say the least. Pulled his head out of his "backside", and is doing himself proud by helping others with the same problems he had suffered with? There are many hypocrites professing religious convictions, but this guy lives what he talks and walks what he talks. He's been there! and still lives on the third floor of a place that neither you nor I would consider. Only reason you're seeing this is not because I know Kenny all that well, but because I met him, and somehow realized even then; that this guy would touch a lot lives. Crazy? Maybe. But the Arizona prison system, Arpaio and the likes treat him as "royalty", or at least loyalty. The link below is some of Kennys videos on "You Tube". "Good Intentions" will get your attention.




This song is one he and Dave recorded in their brief travels together.


I have four or five of their original recordings on cassette here at the house somewhere? Now, Kenny is no Bible Thumper, but he's been through "Hell" and has turned his life around. Listen to some of his stuff, and if you would like to contact him, its:


Kenny Munds Ministries, 20701 N Scottsdale Rd #107-260, Scottsdale, AZ 85255.


Below is an explanation of his life.


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