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can we assume children are all all stupid ?


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It's a very difficult topic, this, as you can be a child with some very valuable experience, or an adult with nothing much worth talking about. You may have parents from a rich learning background, or parents who didn't even get the opportunity. People often fall back onto obvious attributes (such as age) when they are unable to find a deeper cause for things, and it doesn't always work.

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Children by nature tend to be ( less informed/intelligent) mainly due to lack of experience.

experience if formed by experiencing. you have no experience of that you have not experienced therefore you will all ways have no experience the first time you do anything

And for argument sake let's say the 13 year old, was old enough to consent to sex due to the (natural) aspect. Accidents happen same as adults

she's going to look back and say wow mom/dad where were you on that one. I was only 13 why did you let me date and have sexual relations

how about responding "because that was you're choice and you screwed up"

The parent gets the short end of the stick per say.

adoption/abortion/protection should take care of many of these cases

i have no doubt a small fraction of youg teen's could manage to have sex early and nothing ever come about it

i have no doubt that a significant percentage of teens ARE having sex NOW and are not getting caught.

as stated prior it is also to keep the adult men away from teens etc.

taboos would be enough to discourage this but if the teen is willing I'm not sure that I see the harm...
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