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Alex M.

Fun experiments?

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Hey guys! I'm new to this forum. The reason why I joined was to find some fun experiments. Also because this is my first year of high school and I'm taking honors bio, so I thought if I need help you guys can help me too.


So What are some fun experiments? I would like something that would take a while. Like vinegar and baking soda is short. Something like growing plants to test something, like that takes a while. I need a new hobby because my old one was playing with fireworks (and making them with chemistry haha. I decided I don't want to loose my eyes before 15.


So thanks so much! I hope to have some great experiences and help on here from people that love science!

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I'm going to plug myself shamelessly, but it DOES answer the request, so I forgive myself.


My blog, "SmarterThanThat" has a few science experiments (including videos) for you to do at home. Hope you enjoy! http://www.smarterthanthat.com/ (go over the articles, or click on "Experiments" at the top for the list of video experiments).





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