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Organic Chem jitters


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Organic chemistry is largely slog. If you learn the basics well then you will do very well, if you don't come to terms with the basics you will do badly. It does not suffer the conceptual difficulties that say theoretical chemistry has.

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my advice to students who are concerned about organic chemistry is do some review


the basics are vital for understanding organic chemistry. here's a short list of stuff you'll find useful to remember


- skeletal diagrams

- aromatic rings

- isomerism

- formal charges

- electronegativity

- chatelier's principle


remember to ask lots of questions, and be prepared to spend a lot of time working on assignments and review your notes while you study the course (not just before the exam!).


There are some really good chemists here who will be able to help if you're getting stuck, but remember they usually take their time in answering, so study early!

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