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quantum marijuana

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the other day i was watching something about drugs on tv. in the programs discussion of marijuana they displayed an image of the THC molecule.




upon noticing how (relatively) large the molecule is, i started thinking on a quantum mechanical level; if the THC molecule is so large, then it would take a large amount of energy to ionize or break down. i concluded that this large energy requirement is why it needs to be burnt to create a reaction.


this makes sense to me, but my knowledge of chemistry is limited, and this was a rather awkward question to be asking my professors..


can anyone tell me how accurate this conclusion is?

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complete rubbish i'm afraid.


1/ its not a large molecule. positively puny against a protein or a polymer.


2/ burning it would destroy any narcotic effect. the purpose of lighting a joint is to produce heat to vapourise THC in the cannabis near the area that is burning. this then enters your lungs and goes into your blood stream. burning it just results in CO2 and water.


also, there are otherways of getting high off of thc that do not involve fire at all. ingestion or using a vapouriser. if your idea was correct then neither of these would be possible.

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