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Geophysics Thread


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typically if someone has something to say on a subject they will open a thread on it. it is not the most challenging of things to do and is pretty much the bare minimum effort required to post on a forum.


they don't need someone with no interest in the topic opening it for them.

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There was also no thread about the speed of light until someone asked about it.


Geophysics is a huge subject. Opening a thread for the sake of opening a thread is meaningless. Do you have a question to pose? a topic for debate? an initial premise to argue? anything at all?


If not, then there's not much point to this thread, is there?

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Well, I suppose there is something I'd like to discuss, but it is 'the subject that dare not speak it's name' so I'm not going to discuss it.


However, I think Geology should be listed as one of the sciences.

Stop being a child, bombus. You know it's not about the subject but about the methodology.


If your intention is to troll, be repetitive and post unsupported claims, then don't bother. If you decide to actually do science, then you know damn well that there's a methodology to science, there are responsibilities you - as the claim poster - must adhere to.


Seriously, don't think us fools, as if we did not expect that a meaningless, empty thread about (surprise!) geology is here only for the purpose of existing. You are not doing your OWN claims any justice by avoiding the actual fact.


I recommend that unless you have something meaningful scientifically (not unsupported imaginative googligook supported by a handful of personal websites) you avoid reopening a thread that was closed because you insisted to ignore the rules of this forum.


This thread is closed pending moderation review.



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