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Electrolysis of water


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Electrolysis of water could be carried in in undivided cell having stainless anode and cathode and dil sulphuric acid as electrolyte. The electrodes will be of concentric cylindrical design. The oxygen and hydrogen can be collected separately .

In a divided membrane cell, KOH (6M, 80'C) is used as electrolyte, both as anolyte and catholyte. Anode and cathode compartments are separated by a cation exchange membrane.Oxygen and hydrogen gases are collected separately form anode and cathode compartments respectively. Anode may be Nickel/or oxide coated Nickel and cathode is Nickel or coated nickel. Membrane is perfluro sulfonic acid based membrane (Nafion 424 or Nafion 900 series or Nafion 2000)

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