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Genetic algorithm (GA)

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Please don't ask such open-ended questions. We are not going to write a book for you and we are not going to do your homework for you.


What have you done, what do you know, and where specifically are you having problems?

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Genetic Algorithms as a broad technique, take a set of solutions, keep the ones that are the fittest, remove the ones that are least fit and use the fittest to "breed" new solutions. And repeat.


The details are going to highly depend on exactly what you are doing -- as D H said it is an extremely open ended question, so there isn't much more that can be said.

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Thanks for your attentions

Yes, my question was open-ended, I studied GA application in TSP and Optimization problems, but I haven’t access permission for "Koza" or "Karr" paper, And their method for compute numerical ODE or PDE solutions via GA,

I work about this and

I want to know that whether they convert ODE or PDE to linear equations system or optimization problem ?


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