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  1. Thanks for your attentions Yes, my question was open-ended, I studied GA application in TSP and Optimization problems, but I haven’t access permission for "Koza" or "Karr" paper, And their method for compute numerical ODE or PDE solutions via GA, I work about this and I want to know that whether they convert ODE or PDE to linear equations system or optimization problem ?
  2. hello plz help me about solving ODE or PDE via Genetic algorithm (GA) thanks
  3. Hi I am trying to find a new Heuristic algorithm for object tracking and i want to obtain this implemention on live video how can i do this by Matlab?
  4. OK, but i want know that "Can we solve every problems that solved in ACO via Bee Algorithm?" thanks;)
  5. Dear members does anyone know a differences of bee algorithms and ACO in details for optimization problems Thank you very much! hasan
  6. hasan


    hi can we use ant colony optimization (ACO) to solve other problems like nonlinear equation in mathematics? (in papers this algorithm useing for TSP problem ,etc) in general can we use heuristic algorithms in this problem ?
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