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Messanger of Stimulus


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Two months ago the wife and I been to Isreal, Egypt and Ammon Jordan on a 23 day tour.


The muslim world out there all Love our new President Barack Obama.

I was told that he has the same color of skin like thiers.


He is very popular in the Arab world and they told me that he is Gods Messanger and a solution to our world of finance and oil.


I asked 30 teens in egypt if I can take a picture of them so they said sure go ahead.

They asked where I'm from so I said the USA and then they all lined up to shake my hand.

One Arab came up to shake my hand and said ( Welcome Mr. Obama ) and I'm a white guy.

Can you figure why they love us all of a sudden ?? Money ?. Food ?. I want to hear from you.

You also may want to know that the Egyptions don't put a value on plastic and paper for recycleable stuff so they dump thier trash in the Blue Nile and creeks so tourists to see. They have no rubbish trucks so a boal is loaded and dumped somewhere.:doh:

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