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architecture or engineering?


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I have to join college for my higher education. I gave exams for both architecture and engineering colleges. Luckily I'm getting scholarship in both the fields and that too from the most reputed institutes of India.I'm just too confused about what should i do.

Can someone guide me on this?

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If you've passed exams in these fields, you probably know all of this, but in my understanding architecture overlaps more heavily with the fine arts, where-as engineering is far more of a science, although obviously there are commonalities. It's probably more of a historical difference than an essential one, but that's how the fields have developed. So, are you more of an artistic or a scientific mindset?

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Then I guess the question is: Do yo want to design airplanes (involves lots of math and physics, and design is determined by aerodynamics more than by making it look pretty) or do you want to design buildings (drawing pretty pictures, possibly with some maths and physics).

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