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Roll Up , Roll up the greatest show on earth , No im not trying to sell a bottle of DR.Feelgoods tonic of the back of a horse and cart moreover we should look at mother natures medicine cabinet whilst looking for treatments to ailments . Concentrated forms of this plant have well known health benefits

but little research is undertaken so we forget the naturative cures of old .

I suppose its like nettles we detest this stinging weed and avoid it yet the roman soldiers were known to brush there bodies with nettle to stimulate the

bodies immune system and increase the bodies defence mechanisms , the

north american indians chippewa and iroquois used the star as a eye wash and wound poltice , yet the is health benefits for flu,sore throats nasal congestion an antioxidant properties . Removing toxins deep cleansing and antioxidising the body and boosting the immune system sounds like the thing to do . I personally think we should fund research into such and developing

concentrated forms from mother natures medicine cabinet.

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