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  1. The rise in anarchistic activity in my opinion is largely due to the thieving politicians and there lacksadaysical approach to preventing social decay. The anarchist latches onto the politicians shirt tail which has been left hanging out and is determined to pull,pull,pull. This was demonstrated on the put people first campaign , governments should represent the views of the electorate and justice should be served if totalaterionism politics have been become dictatorial to the mass populus the anarchists thrive and to some extent are instrumental in tagging onto legitamite concerns so they are a small group who perhaps see violence as the only way of attracting wider coverage . This then can become a dangerous playground for the political process , the devils playground shall we say.The problem lies with a wall that politicians put up around themselves and become insular , and when it starts to be broken down the exposure is too much , far too much . The taking advantage and wide spread abuse of power in politics needs to be stamped out and this may quench the anarchists flames , unfortunately politicians have been dousing the flames with highly flammable material.
  2. I would like to hear from anyone who has suffered similarly of human rights abuses and government sponsered conspiracy . I have now been trying to recieve justice from u.k. government but instead have been subject to a thin wall of silence which i intend to break through and recieve justice . This for the gretaer good attitude simply will not do all it does is protect incompetence and people fearfull of being exposed as such , Whilst employed under a M.O.D. contract i had my civil and human rights abused along with others , but trying to process complaints by government bodies has been fraught with danger now my elderly pensioner prents are being targeted by outside agencies and i have been recieving third party messages trying to silence me from the due process of law. If there is anyone with any legal training i would appreciate your assistance , i have been left like a running man and subject to a outside agency which i think is set up to try and silence people , this being the case is a serious matter and a miscarriage of human rights which are fundamental in any well orderd society , if anyone can assist contactme at pete.bro@hotmail.co.uk
  3. Having given some thought to the overheating of the planet effecting the spacetime continuim , i think the spacetime coordinate system may have to be reevaluated somewhat (discuss), however as the problems associated with time travel rely heavily on knowing were we are in the present , using this term loosely and only basing it on our dimensional concept of time . The mapping of time may indeed rely on other factors namely that time is being created and exists in time waves , havig said this we must also consider time decay as in the doppler graphical representation and the doppler effect itself . The existence of a spacetime coordinate for accurate time travel is neccesary , if we were to open a wormhole we would indeed wish to know exactly were the space coordinate is , we have the dimensions on height,longitude ,latitude in relation to a present position shall we say at a given reference point in time , yet if the timewave was in another position the next second of our current time which is obvious then we need to determine the time wave to accurate travel back to the existing position . How do we determine timewaves ?
  4. stating the obvious the" big bang "if the universe was,nt expaning and perhaps slowing down the universe would,nt exist , the light that has been emmitted from varying light sources stars are a window into the past its how they used to be so it tells us just that. space that is to be occupied is anti matter it is yet to be created so therefore expanding universes are to occupy space that is being created . Black Holes are what confuse me . the elusive holes in the universe with a no entry sign like some kind of potholers entry point.
  5. As science,s general exceptance of the expanding universe and the vaccum is creating this no im not going to mention petry dish dooo, what is anti matter and what exists outside of space ? are we a molicule being vacummed into a hoover in another universe, were forever blowing bubbles springs to mind .
  6. Lets look at light as an energy source , the emmissions are radiation , the transport is the photon or the etha , light waves transit through photons at various wavelengths and temperature and do have sub atomic mass . Therefore force is heat energy high levels of radiation banding into spectrums of energy emmission transitting through space .Sub atomic radioactive energy rays .
  7. perhaps we need to look at the transport mode allowing the waves to transit the photon has some bearence on allwing gh to travel through space it may not be the ultimate conclusion , but it certainly is the transport.
  8. It is something of a paradox and we constantly debate this time slows down in space when earth time seems relative to the effects of gravity or a force field we live in . we consider light and travel and perhaps we mistake time as being apart of light. Yet it is clear that time does slow down and is relative to the velocity at which we travel so we consider lightspeed as a reference for a velocity that is constant , the real questions i ask myself is why does time slow down relative to the time being recorded on earth, ive considered time decay and as aforementioned the is a small difference quoted as 1 minute a year on a relativistic trip , the difference being that if we know it is possible to travel through time to another I.R.P then it would suggest the time decay factor having only been able to travel back to a certain point that being so then we could continue to travel further through time from that Inertial reference point . I find another interesting point about the effects of space and time which is the effects it has on our body , we know that the atomic structure changes on earth i wonder to what effect it would have on atime traveller ?
  9. Essential detoxing of the body to remove the toxin build up must figure prominently in our weekly detox program. We see so many allergies in our modern day society it echoes the past. Deep cleansing in days gone by was seen as good as going to church as we still do for moral and spiritual guidance.The sweat lodge and saunas were considered a spiritual place and an essential part of the deep cleansing of the body and mind . The native american indians held the sweat lodge as a sacred part of there living . And we look at the romans for example an advancing civilisation that grew into an empire , good sanitation , clean water and essential detoxing. The ritual bathing consisted of a good pre cleanse with essential oils and a scraping of the body to remove surface toxins followed by a dip pool to remove excess toxins andd then the sauna to deep cleanse induce sweating and remove and assist the body in cleansing deep into the pores . We take this practice for granted but , the other essential thing is to use good detoxing substances , red wine for example , the use of herbal tonics even fasting and ridding the body of food but alowing antioxidant fluids to assist the natural detox , it sort of echoes lent , when we get mental conditioning to resist or give up something its that determination thing.
  10. Roll Up , Roll up the greatest show on earth , No im not trying to sell a bottle of DR.Feelgoods tonic of the back of a horse and cart moreover we should look at mother natures medicine cabinet whilst looking for treatments to ailments . Concentrated forms of this plant have well known health benefits but little research is undertaken so we forget the naturative cures of old . I suppose its like nettles we detest this stinging weed and avoid it yet the roman soldiers were known to brush there bodies with nettle to stimulate the bodies immune system and increase the bodies defence mechanisms , the north american indians chippewa and iroquois used the star as a eye wash and wound poltice , yet the is health benefits for flu,sore throats nasal congestion an antioxidant properties . Removing toxins deep cleansing and antioxidising the body and boosting the immune system sounds like the thing to do . I personally think we should fund research into such and developing concentrated forms from mother natures medicine cabinet.
  11. Having experienced the affects of high altitudes and also been subjected to low oxygen levels the report on numerous accounts of sick air syndrome . Can we successfully make a clear distinction between low oxyen levels and contaminated air entering the cabin as we fly . The recent article by tom rawstone ,daily mail on sat march 28th clearly makes this link and more research into filtering the air that we breath whilst we fly is a must . This may in the longterm have clear links to cancer and possibly senality as numerous poisons and low oxygen levels are a dangerous environment , nuero sensitivity and possible micro biological contaminants prevalent in vitiated air .The contamination it has been suggested is resultant from the aircrafts engines and has been likened to nerve gas agent ,the neurotoxins and carconogenics are a possible longterm health affect ,to understand aerotoxic syndrome as the article suggests is to understand that half of all the air is recirculated in a aircrafts cabin and is adequately cleaned and filtered .Therefore the problem lies in the "Bled air " which is bled from the engine before it is injeced and burnt . The lack of filteration and possible contamination causes this lethal cocktail of toxic air largely as a result of tricresyl phosphate or tcp, the organophosphates disrupt the neurotransmitters in ,musclular movement . Design and dangers spring to mind and as is metioned certain aircraft seem more susceptible than others , the artcicle goes on to mention some of the listed aircraft .When we all seem to be affected to a greater or lesser degree by air travel this also brings into question the preventative measures required in the checking, testing of the air that is filtered and prevention from micro biological growth in the ducts of the aircrafts ventilation system. The changing and constant monitoring of air should be part of the civil aviation authoritys priority in granting licences after stringent tests are carried out . I would think that this data on air quality during the duration of a flight would be a priority and the data should be presented for monitoring and allowing an aircraft of the ground.If this is information that pilots have in there cockpit it should be a measured device and have the acceptable p.p.m stated clearly as an early warning and audible alarm that contamination has occured .The only way people can be assured of uncontamiated air is to now it is being constantly monitored by the cabin crew and the pilot for all the passengers safety aswell as the pilot . This is the only way that we can assure passengers that there safety is paramount . It is the only way we can determine that the air is safe and that after ,during and before that this monitoring of data is presented to independant flight safety inspectors to allow a aircraft to enter the air .
  12. If the new train of thought places limits on time travel ie time decay in one dimension would it not hold water that transiting through time itself would place us in another dimension were time decay at a sub atomic level would be relative to that inertial time frame and allow further travel by opening up multiple wormholes and passing through time with due respect to time decay . In other words allowing a passage through time from one I.T.R. point to another once again being aware of time decay .We would end up leap frogging through space by multiple wormholes being opened in each ITR. The only problem this would present is taking the teletransportation equipment through the wormhole to use at a different ITR and enabling transport back in the event of the transporter being rendered inoperable . I suppose its a question of when this may happen as against if ?
  13. Having just read recently more research is to be conducted into psuedopods and volcanic underwater vents and the micro organisms that are released, are we closer to a lifeforms origins ? . The amoeba for example is a moving cell we often here about panspermia being the necessary cells for all forms of life do we draw closer to the darwin when we consider moving cells .The white blood cell being the closest to a psuedopod it must have a close relationship as these water micro organisms, it struck me on visit to chile and the tatio geysers that i was observing micro organisms being vented out of hot thermal springs and a great deal of organic matter maybe introduced by a source of natural venting of hot water from geo thermal heat sources. Water itself is a wash with living bacteria and amoeba and we see the psuedopods active and thriving in water . We maybe a long way from proving that lifeforms have evolved in a prolonged process of evolution from such microorganisms but it is a area of science tha can only grow steadily through research . Its a case of learning how to crawl before you can walk . Let the baffling process begin , it may sound incredible that living cells may have began to steadily move and then crawl but if we look at our reproductive process it does indeed resemble a strong link .I suppose charles darwin came into great conflict with the theologians of his day by the mere suggestion of evolving species and i think perhaps science may have shyed away from this area of research we can,t discount anything until we learn from extensive research . I seem to remember a king who many moons ago said we are raised from the miery clay etc , etc . Are we indeed created in a long evolutionary process from such it may have a strong connection to religious beliefs and one day we may vindicate charles darwin for his suggestions and pioneering research and begin to view him as less of a heretic and more of a pioneer. I suppose the research will continue and dna may unlock many codes of the blood connections to psuedopods ,blood cells , microorganisms , evolution. I suppose it is a case of crawl before you can walk.
  14. The most dangerous chemical ive used is by far H2O , the most dangerous and readily available chemical known to humans , watchout for it .
  15. we evaluate quantum physics by endless amounts of mathematical representation , but in essence we are all part of a huge thermal mass, endlessly stuck in a heating and cooling process . The doppler graph shows the graphs representation of thermal heat and subatomic particles in a huge thermal decay process ,from a recent post on science forum the new universe.This finite particle universe the huge nuclear reactions and collision of atoms in nothing more than a huge chain of dividing and sub dividing of energy, in a thermal current we call our universe complicated ? no simple. What is complicated is the long process of endlessly searching for answers. x files syndrome . What we can do is evaluate the origins of our universe and perhaps even postulate about endless pro creationism , multiple universes.Its a matter of whether we except a creator or not einstein excepted a creator perry marshall does . Im not trying to extract the dna , quantum physics astro physics its the same different ends of the spectrum. Intelligence through meticulous study and research leave nothing to chance as far as that is possible the invariance factor and creative gene exists but science always trys to cancel out this uncertainty its the creators little red herring .
  16. The earth has natural cycles of cooling so were not talking about overheating the planet but if we reduce carbon emmisions the real cooling mechanisms can kick back in . Do we really want to save the planet and is money really that important ?
  17. As on previous threads im running with the same theme the use of spectral enhancement and parabolics . If we were to dispense with winter light shortage or defecit and use spectral space enhancement by prismaic magnification we could certainly have the G.M.T. light realignment and reduce energy and allow further production of food , we could in effect control the weather . The use of refraction and prisms in space and parabolic reflector could be used to illiminate light deprevation if we were to shift the water across to were it is needed then the less productive areas of the globe could become more self sufficient in energy and food production we could theoretically produce micro climates in regions that are as of today rendered unproductive areas for food production . The amount of extra solar energy harnessed by specifically enhanced fields could easily be transported around the globe , lets hard wire the earth ? What do you think ?
  18. Having read your thread on using laserlight for spacecraft , i have designed a similar engine utilising optics and focused light to generate onboard power and propulsion it does propell the craft in zero gravity and is in its infancy,
  19. Not between your ears is it only joking tongue and cheek. Look more IN DEPTH WHAT IS SPACE , an ever increasing universe expanding in a vaccum its being created right know . and will continue to do so so everything within our universe is being drawn out its Doctor Stevey hawk , eliptical expansion , the balloon being blown up but not uniformally. so the is interaction with the vaccum of infinity and the expansion of space etc . Quite simply everywere .
  20. I am slightly confused about polarisation can anyone throw any light on the subject , we look at this first law of science again . Continual heating up and in the opposite do we have reaction of perhaps a new ace age beginning . I find that ironic because will we deliberately have to start heating the planet up again? please do prompt me , if we see the beginning of an new ice age forming that could indeed be a disaster , i propose we use a spectrally enhanced space optic for reheating the globe placed in space another use for this would be farming and providing enough energy in field enhancement for solar energy. The only thing that puzzles me would we effect the earths momentum ? I think its by proportion , if we don,t go mad with it , i can see the obvious advantages and disadvantages , What do you think ?
  21. Motion without insulting peoples intelligence is brought about simply by a energy force ,Brownian motion may be a more comprehensive study of the science moreover the means of achieving motion perpetual motion is a subject i find interesting because it demonstrates that every action has an equal and opposite reaction obviously we look at expending energy while cycling and create motion if we then look at the wheel of the bike we have opposite forces within the circle within motion our planet for example may appear to have forces moving in one direction yet the is momentum in the opposite direction use the equator as our division and look at two forces working in opposite directions, do you agree? the tractor beam of light is adding to the planets momentum and general relativity explains more fully the interaction of moving body,s .and the attraction due to a electromagnetic force, its interesting because science is like meccano it is joined together . And the joy is we can take it peacemeal , energy quanta , photon discharges we can end up or begin from big bang , chow .
  22. Before people go designing new forms of life we require a ethical approach. Yes farmers may well have cross bred pigs and other farm animals for a joke but without having had a proper knowledge of D.N.A. and preventing genetic deformity it may ave been comical and perhaps unethical if we were to have pigs with coats like zebras fr example or sheep with blue rinse fleeces are we amusing ourselves and having an nuethical approach its like cloning ears on hamsters and perhaps the is a medical benefit whatever next , grafting horses penis,s to human beings , we can laugh about it we can play a demonstrative role all jokes apart its a question of ethics !
  23. Time Travel Sci-Fi or fact, the last thread leads onto this new thread. We eventually escape from earths imminent disaster by travelling back to earth through time . We eradicate our past without us knowing it and the new earth history is written the new world order documents the mistakes of this dimension and we reshape a new dimension is this the fifth dimension. It is hard to imagine a new race of people that learn from one dimension and live within a new world order with time lords . This may well be the survival of the human race . We disappear through time to save humanity and reshape a new dimension the concept is inviting to us . If we indeed explore infinity and eternity and eventually combat the lesser angels of our being we could begin a new world order and close a chapter of human history and rewrite another. In our human pysche the possibilities would be endless , are we running out of time and indeed are we in a race against time for our very survival ? Jurrasic park holds a well known quote life will find a way , opening a door ? or is the door already open ?
  24. We consider much of what science has to offer and time travel is the proverbal boomerang that keeps coming back , the time machine may well have been a great work of fiction , that has no doubt inspired a generation of scientists to postulate over the possibility of eventually travelling through time. This new dimension concept or fifth dimension and multiple dimensions is a new born brainchild and a ever increasing subject of obvious popularity. We can brush the ethics aside because we know that human nature dictates otherwise , not entering into the ethical debate or the obvious dangers and chaos that would eventually ensue. Is time travel possible ? can we explore the infinitys , a eternal void of time , the concept of time has got to be first fully understood if we consider ourselves to be travelling in time , which direction are we indeed travelling , is time a measured quantity or a eternal source , if we consider time that has passed the answer may seem obvious. what if ? what if ? and the timeclock we would choose would be on the atomic scale . say we had a atomic clock that runs backward we could then say that time is a measured quantity , we may well then introduce big bang and say we are in a time loop , here we would indeed except quantity . But the important thing to also consider if we except that time travel is indeed possible are we approaching the possibilty that we have already discovered time travel and are begining to travel back to the future , the film itself presents obvious difficulties and moreover how we could indeed change the future if we except that we are travelling into the past . Without the complicated science have we started to visit ourselves from the past ? and what we may consider aliens is indeed us visiting us . How would that effect now and the past and future ? could we indeed shape are future for the better if we just except that the future is indeed in front of us , the other obvious thing to consider is criminals if it were to fall into the wrong hands . A sort of time bandits theme emerges that the may well be a sort of dirty tricks campaign at some point in time that could effect the present and reshape the past . If we are moving towards a means of time travel it may indeed be irrelavent to think that the future can be reshaped without us knowing it depends on how we would see altering things , the debate rages on ethics maybe brushed aside and the future as we except maybe altered for the better without us knowing , thisin itself creates a unknown quantity of are we being controlled by aliens and are we in fact the descendants . That remains to be seen. Time travel Sci-Fi or fact ? Time loop ? Fifth dimension? Aliens ? Time lords ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  25. If a photon is at rest then it would appear that no time exists ie inertial time reference , but because photons are being emmitted from the sun and other sources of energy quanta ,the photon are moving in a light wave then the photon experiences time because of motion ,acceleration moreover the photon moves as a result of electromagnetic forces ,the time reference of the past ,if the universe was full of photons then the photon appears motionless so time appears not to exist ,but the universe isnt, full of photons, but the photons are the transport of light in a particle electromagnetic wave . the fluid of sound . packets of photons light quanta are being attracted by electromagnetic fields backing up in the planetary fields , again time reference washing machine when viewed from the front the centre being the light source the quanta are finely packed together and transported around by what we understand in general relativety so the photon emmisions are travelling in a vaccum but the enertial time reference would appear that they are motionless and have filled space but are experiencing time its a case of catching up with initial emmisions overtaking it and watching the photons pass by so photons are experiencing time but out of our intial time reference . In a paradoxical fashion time being created appears not to exist because of the photons but a photon experiences time but not in our inertial time reference ,catch up with the past as alber said .Its time jim but not as we know it
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