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I formatted my PC due to a virus problem and re-installed windows. I however only later realised that I don’t have the drivers CD that comes with the PC. I have an AMD CPU and a NVIDIA graphics card. I was able to download (from another PC) the drivers for the Graphics card because I knew the make and model. I went to the AMD website and downloaded several driver packs but none of them worked all giving me the error code “No AMD components Found”.


Can anyone please help me? I need the drivers for the motherboard etc. Is there a program that can analyse what drivers I need? Thanx


P.s I really don’t know what to do now. At the moment my Ethernet port doesn’t work so no internet at that Pc. However I do (obviously) have access to the net!!

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do you not have a manual for it? i got one the last time i bought a premade PC (okay, that was 1998 things may have changed)


try looking in the BIOS. if its not listed there then your computer must be the most generic 'el cheapo' brand motherboard ever produced.

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go into "Start" then click RUN, then type "dxdiag" into the box and hit enter.

it should give you your basic system specs.

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the other way is to right-click "my computer" then go down to Properties, let that open and then click the Hardware tab, then click on "Device Manager".

it`ll give you a list of what it sees.

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I also wanted to throw a side note in here too - if the computer is a prefab, or OEM manufactured like Dell or IBM, it would probably be best to go to their support site to download the drivers you're looking for - sometimes it doesn't matter, but with a lot of drivers, they're made especially for the system you're using, and the original vendor drivers may not account for specific differences on the computer

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