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Is the Universe Collapsing?-2008


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It is time again for my yearly update.


These cosmological speculations were largely 'induced' from the philosophical paradigm/syllogism: "We and the Universe around Us are involved in an ongoing, staged process of self-engenderment or self-creation; wherein and whereby the Creator of Us and the Universe around Us is attempting to engender or create itself."

see http://www.self-engenderment.com


My variant of the BB/BC model presumes that the BB event/body displayed a high degree of 'angular momentum'.


When this conserved AM began to be co-opted by emerging sub-atomic structures, the BB event/body partially collapsed, and as a consequence ejected 2 large polar jet/pulses.


One of these jet/pulses was comprised of a remnant of un-annihilated anti-matter, and the other a remnant of matter. It is this jet/pulse that we are observing as the visible universe. My model assumes this matter and anti-matter ejection is what is being called the 'inflationary era'.


The model also assumes that, although greatly reduced, the BB event/body that ejected the jet/pulses is still exant, and is the source of what is being called 'dark energy'.


The model conjectures that although at first generally expanding 'isometrically', our all-matter, conic jet/pulse has since begun to lose momentum vis-a-vis the still exant BB event/body and as a consequence is ongoing an accelerating, generally 'lateral' expansion, and is becoming increasingly 'turbulent'.


I am contending that this model provides reasonable solutions to many of the problems plaguing more conventional models.

1) Why isn't the visible universe seen as half matter and half anti-matter?

2) Why does the visible universe seem to be 'flat' (horizon problem)?

3) What caused the 'inflationary era'?

4) What is the source and nature of 'dark energy'?

5) Why does the visible universe seem to be expanding at an accelerating rate?


I have been attempting to bring these conjectures to the attention of the professionals, so that they can be properly tested, since 2003, and it seems like every year (from an interested amateur's POV) more evidence seems to accumulate that seems to be supportive of these conjectures.


Year before last it was that B-meson asymmetry does not seem to account for the complete lack of anti-matter.


Last year's WMAP data seemed to see the seeds of my model's prediction of increasing 'turbulence', in a possible 'haploid' structure in the early post-inflationary era.


This year's WMAP data seems supportive of my models presumption of a still exant BB event/body, while being increasingly supportive of a 'turbulent, all-matter, jet/pulse expanding laterally, due to a loss of momentum'.


see http://www.http://arXiv.org/abs/0809.3734

"The flow is difficult to explain by gravitational evolution within the framework of the concordance LCDM model and may be indicative of the tilt exerted across the entire current horizon by far-away pre-inflationary inhomogeneities."


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