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Technical advise required to create a Weed Hunter Heli


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Hi everyone

I am trying to create a RC Helicopter able to work as a monitoring tool to look for invasive plants in remote areas of the Galapagos Islands. Ideally the helicopter will be able to fly a least for 30 minutes and be controlled at the distance of 500 to 1000 m, it has to include a GPS to guide the monitoring route and a transmitter camera to transfer the imagines of the vegetation.

I am new in this field and so any suggestion about types of helicopter, brands and any additional technical information will be very useful. We are looking for the most economical but effective material which can be able to helps us to reduce costs.

Any suggestion?



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You will need government clearance to do this. I don't think they allow anyone messing around the Galapagos. Be wary of the law. Wanting to assist a species sounds great though.


May I recommend Magellan GPS over Garmin. I think they have easier handling and have a better record at reaching remote locations.

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