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Computer Science Help (please read)

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Okay, as a highschooler who is possibly looking to go into a career and a degree in computer science, can anyone just give me an explanation what someone in that area might do? I'm farely new to this so even the basics are welcome; I just would like to know what I will be getting into before I actually get into it. Any help is encouraged so please talk away.

Thanks for all your help.

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One thing you should definitely try to do is nail down whether you want to do "computer science" or something more of an applied field like "information technology", which is often listed as computer information systems, information systems, and so forth. There's also the offshoot of management information science/systems, but that's generally seen as a step down unless you're really interested in management. (Not enough smart managers out there, IMO, but that's another discussion.)


CS has become more of a higher-level focus, looking ahead to, and developing, emerging and prospective technologies. As opposed to, for example, writing your company's new business portal, which is more in the applied province. There's obviously a huge gray area in between, though.


Most programmers today probably work on business stuff -- client/server database interactions, front-end clients, etc. That's where the grunt work salaried positions are. But it can still be an interesting area to be in, and it's where most of the money is, especially if you do it well. On the other hand, the ultimate money, the real pie in the sky, is with new tech, which can only come with a solid understanding of the science and engineering behind computers, so a CS degree is beneficial there.


And of course if programming doesn't interest you, if you're more interested in administration, support, consulting, etc, then IT is the way to go.


Don't forget computer engineering, electrical engineering, and other hardware-related programs.

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Thank you so much for that information! I appreciate it. I am more interested in the language and programming aspect of computers. I'm also a hands-on person so managing and that sort is not exactly what I would prefer to do, but nevertheless, it is an option for me to consider. If anyone has any more information please tell.

Thanks so much.

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What Pangloss said.


Start early and pick up some books/online tutorials and work on some projects!


I would start with C/C++, then move up to higher level languages, that way you will have an underlying understanding with memory allocation, etc. You can go one step further and start with ASM...


Once you get good...then you move up to higher level languages where you dont need to know the stuff you learned in C++..such as memory allocation, etc. BUT it serves a good purpose because you will have the concepts down.

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