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  1. What email manager do you use? Outlook, outlook express..incredimail... Which one do you think is the best ?
  2. I agree. Hosting services are really cheap these days. Plus you'll get the perks of better service and availability
  3. What is the difference between different versions of Vista - Ultimate, Home Basic etc.. is there anything significant or is it mostly just for show ?
  4. Thats an excellent idea! Makes a whole lot of sense if you ask me...
  5. Of the top of my hat i can thnk of three areas-programming, testing and database management/administration..take your pick!
  6. wow.. so you never IRC? chatting with others while only? just foruming if you want talk something about? :doh:
  7. do much math exercise especially calculus. discreet mathematic was easy for me cause we already learned it before at secondary school.
  8. check your Internet Temporary Files. All data while you connect to internet goes there.
  9. buy a new one. good solution for you. else, update your drivers... any drivers related to your keyboard
  10. Crack it open, pop one out and take a look. or try SiSoft Sandra, but you need install it first.. better you go for Cpu-z
  11. ctrl+alt+del, i did when i want to close any hang programs. but never do that when I played game. I prefer ctrl+tab to go to desktop. *just put on "Do Not Disturb" mode and never change the status till now ;) .
  12. owh..sorry my bad ...anyway, thanks for your information..
  13. which one? why I cant find it? only got General, Computer Name, Hardware, Advanced, System Restore, Automatic Updates and Remotes tab only... :confused:
  14. three systems running at the same times? does it stack or not? or I'm just a newbie who dont know that our OS support many anti virus at the same times :doh:.
  15. tell me your experience using mandriva 2008. if you wasnt a fan, why you choose mandriva as your platfrom? :rolleyes:
  16. can you post list of errors if you use any compiler? I dont think you used notepad as your platform to create this code.
  17. how we want to know either our OS in 32-bits or 64bits? sorry, I'm quite noob.
  18. They both are good,Avast's feature of boot time scan gives it the edge where it can scan for infected system files which are usually locked by OS during while it is operating.
  19. I got your point here. Vista is upgrade/update for XP (but totally different). So why everyone look behind and proud with it (XP). Anyway, I'll stick with XP before change to Linux or Apple platform soon.
  20. yeah, I agreed with you.. only low spec pc built with 512mb spec nowadays. All new pc spec built with minimum 1gb RAM. and upgradeable to 4gb max.
  21. PC.... not monitor only...
  22. erk.... I just giving a clue or issues for persons who want to buy computer.
  23. No more minimize to taskbar, just blank and then restart, I thought it should be PSU problems. When the problems happened about 3 to 5 times, I signed out or put in Do Not Disturb before playing games, but I do business to take care off :-(.
  24. I'll stay with XP rather than use Vista. even though Vista is the latest Windows OS but I love to use XP - user friendly. Vista - if you got low spec rig, you'll problem, loading at startup totally slow. please upgrade your ram, processor and graphic to make sure your pc/laptop can run Vista smoothly.
  25. currently I used 17" LCD screen. I play game (war craft), and at the same time I run IM such as skype and YM. The problem is, my display suddenly blank (while I'm in game) when IM popup come out. It should be go to windows (normal) but right now nothing happened, just blank and then shut down. :doh: Help me please...
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