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Gprs Moficiation


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I throw away my dialup modem and phone line to get connected to the internet using gprs on my mobile phone, since the reviews that i saw online stated that gprs goes up to speeds of 32kps to 48kps i was quite happy with that,,,,, but now the problem that i am faceing is that i am getting a much lower speed than that, when i establish the connection using a bluetooth device the connection states that i am connected at a speed of 115. kbps (i know thats just the port speed) in task manager under the network tab the utilization of the connection allway stays under 20%, which means that i only have 20% of that 115 kbps working for me, which i guess means that i am only getting 23 kbps. i am using a nokia 6300 which has a Class 10 (4 1/3 2 slots) gprs. i was wondering how could i see which setting is that gprs at 4 1 or 3 2, since i dont need to upload that much i was hoping that if i were able to modify the slots to a 4+1 setting i could speed up my browsing 25%,,,, so any ideas?????


seem like what i am trying to do is impossible at this point, since 25 of youll have viewed my post but not have given as ideas....

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