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KClO_3 + sugar


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Hello, I was wondering if hydrochloric acid (~.008M) could be used instead of sulphuric acid to initiate the reaction between patassium chlorate and sugar.


Use caution with KClO3 if any sulfur or sulfur-containing material is present. I spent many months healing from 2nd. degree burns sustained while triturating them together in a mortar & pestle. imp

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Isn't the reaction between sugar and chlorate a kind of simple redox reaction involving an acidic medium?

Is a suplhur-containing substance a must for the reaction to occur?


In the realm of pyrotechnics, fireworks making, use of chlorates with any sulfur bearing substance is generally strongly discouraged, as some, notably potassium chlorate, explode by percussion when sulfur is present. Therefore, in projecting shells from a mortar tube, for example, such materials may detonate prematurely while still being accelerated in the tube, due to inertial effects upon them. This process is termed "set-back". imp

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