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Let's DO some science!


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This is the place, where you can write about the experiments YOU have done, or are planning to do. This is not the place to write about something, which others have done, and it also is not the place to talk about some school lab, which you have to do.

It should be about your own experiences, you have chosen out of interest. What we want to achieve with this forum is that people actually DO science and not only talk about science.


Experiments can be described for all sciences. The most obvious thing may be chemistry, physics, electronics. But also mathematical experiments (e.g. computing and investigating properties of certain mathematical objects, recreational mathematics) and software experiments can be described here. Everything, which is fun, which is your choice to do, and which you want to share with others is welcomed here.


The only guideline is that the described experiments must not involve illegal actions and if an experiment imposes a certain risk, then this must be stated explicitly.

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