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In order for a moving bowling ball and a moving Ping-Pong ball to have the same momen

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Well that depends on how fast they are moving to begin with.



That peice of information, plus this equation is all you'll need. (plus the assumption that a bowling ball is far more massive then a pingpong ball.)


momentum = velocity x mass.

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Obviously, the bowling ball will have a larger mass than the ping pong ball. Presuming the two are moving at the same speed initially, two things could happen to make the momentum the same:


1. The bowling ball would have to slow down

2. The ping pong ball would have to speed up


just remember, as was stated, p=m*v




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Basically the speed of the ping-pong ball would have to equal the speed of the bowling ball times the ratio of their masses.



speed of ping-pong ball = speed of bowling ball x ( weight of bowling ball / weight of ping-pong ball.)

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