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Recently I purchased the eyeQ system for speed reading. I am skeptical of the program's claims about its credibility. Dr. Akihiro Kawamura, the PHD that the website claims to have created the system in the 80s, is nowhere to be found on the internet. Many of the claims made by eyeQ seem to be of the pseudoscience sort.


From the website:



The research of Dr. Kawamura and others suggest that the way most of us are taught to read, think, and learn can later hinder our ability to effectively process information.


Along with other scientists, Dr. Kawamura has found that one of the keys to learning to read and process information faster is use of a "whole brain" approach that allows the brain to absorb information quickly.


Success in eyeQ is achieved by strengthening the eye-brain connection and removing factors that prevent the rapid processing of information.


The eye-brain connection is only as strong as the eye muscles themselves. In this program, Dr. Kawamura provides unique exercises that strengthen these important muscles.


The eyeQ program retrains the brain to expand the field of vision and to absorb information more quickly, both of which allow for reading and processing at a significantly increased speed.




It would be great help if you guys say what you feel about this product from a scientific standpoint and the value of pursueing further energy into study this program.




p.s. this is my first post.

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The "Brain Games" on Nintendo DS purport to improve your brain powers too, and supposedly were also developed by a Ph.D. Even if they don't actually work (which is likely the case), they're still moderately entertaining, so I think I'd go with that instead of this. ;)

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well i just tried it out of curiosity. First the demo said my reading speed was 316 words per minute. Then I did all the exercises. Refreshed the webpage, started a new one, it gave me a different text. That time I got 662 words per minute.


Seems pretty good to me.

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Thanks for the replies, so far it seems that the effectiveness of this program is largely unknown. The main thing that keeps me suspicious is that the Doctor that the program says they supposedly got the program from is nowhere to be found on the net. So I'm going to keep looking around and see.

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