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Fighting FIRE with FUEL?!


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O.k. 9KJ is output for every 1gram of CO2 that is produced' date=' this is easily enough to keep the combustion going, that's why coal and charcoal get used as fuel.


p.s. please don't use words like "chain reaction" when you don't get what they mean.[/quote']


As I am unable to convince at this time and place, I am going to stop this dicussion until I can get someone to try out this experiment. The experiment itself will be a trian and error method, until we get a working solution.


Thank for all the feedbacks.

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fair enough, the next time you have a BBQ use lumpwood charcoal (there`s no addatives it`s pure carbon/charcoal) when the fire`s lit, throw a handfull of the powder that always remains at the bottom of the bag onto the fire and see what happens!


I reccomend wearing gloves and eye protection when doing this, it WILL Flash over and tiny bits will fly all over the place, singed arm hair and eyebrows are Not uncommon!


seriously, don`t take my word for it, Try it!


btw, it`s alot more spactacular at night.

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yes and no, I`ve done it myself yes, but I knew what to expect and so didn`t get surprised or caught out.

thinking about it, I don`t recon there`s Any powdered element that I`de trust enough to throw on a fire, maybe with the exception of Boron or Silcon, Carbon would certainly be WAY DOWN on that list.

for the elemental gasses Nitrogen would be my choice (cheap and plentifull and largely inert).

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