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Need Math Help......


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can someone help me solve these two equations (and please explain)?


log9 (q) = log12 (p) = log18 (q + p)

what is q and what is p?




sinA + sinB = (square root 2) over 2

cosA + cosB = (square root 6) over 2

sin(A + B) = ?


Thanks in advanced!

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Are you talking about multiple angle identities?


[math]sin(A+B) = sinAcosB + sinBcosA[/math]


Also, the question about what is "p and q". They are just a variable for the value of the answer when you put it in the orginal exponent form.


i.e. [math]log_{2}p = 3[/math] intends [math]2^{3}=p[/math] and the value of "p" is 8.

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