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Smolin again.

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god i still haven't finished that book, what i've read was interesting. someone told me it was outdated. This is pertaining to a subject which Martin started.


beyond the afformented (mentioned?) fragmented thoughts, here is my issue : if the universes evolved it wouldn't really be natural selection would it? whethere a universe were reproductive or not would be irrelelavant to its 'survival', there would be not competition and what else that contitute selection from among others.


I suppose inevitably reproductively successful universe would arise, but they really would be no more succesful than their 'primitive ancestors'. I see no reason why any of the universes would get selected in any way. Therefore it really is just sheer luck that we live in the universe we do. What difference is it than random specification of numbers?


Then again, as i said i haven't finished the book yet.

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