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How does climate change influence the biodiversity of coastal ecosystems?


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Hello everyone

I am beginning on a research adventure about the complex relationship between climate change and biodiversity in coastal ecosystems. As our globe experiences fast environmental transitions, it is critical to understand how these changes impact the delicate balance of life in coastal zones. 

My research looks into numerous elements of this complex issue. First, I want to look into the direct consequences of rising temperatures and sea levels on the distribution and abundance of coastal species. 
•    How do various animals; ranging from marine mammals to intertidal creatures; react to these environmental changes?
•    Are any observable trends emerging?

Also, I am interested in investigating the indirect effects of climate change on coastal biodiversity. This covers the cascading consequences of ocean acidification on marine life. How are ecosystems reacting to these changes, and what are the implications for overall biodiversity and coastal ecosystem function? 

Also, I have gone through some posts relevant to this https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/133277-potassium-versus-sodium-in-sea-water/devops this post share valuable insights for understanding and protecting our planet's coastal ecosystems.

I appreciate your strategies and methods that experienced people suggest for protecting our planet's coastal ecosystems.

Thanks in advance for your efforts;

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