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Has this been done before? (Radius calculus/ Smooth rolling)


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Hello guys. You know about the "find a shape that can roll over any surface" thingy? Well, I have found a way to do that sketch on your paper!

You see, all you have to do is find the radius of every time it majorly changes and evenly distribute it in EVEN numbers! Let me give you a visual presentation:


As you see, we calculate the radius every time it significantly changes. Unfortunately, this is not a practical method, so we will have to sort of, draw the curve on the road. Let me give you another example


As you see, the circle is the easiest to do, as its radius is never-changing therefore the surface is never-changing. Lets look at something else


As you can see, this rhombus is not cool, He needs a different surface to run smoothly on. 

You can also reverse engineer this method. And you can do this with any shape!

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