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DNA Endonucleases!

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Hey can anyone help me out over this. :confused:


What is the consequence of DNA endonuclease replication? What if it does'nt happen(start) ? What if it is not controlled and continues forever ??


Also, if the replication doesn't stop n still it goes forever wat will be it's consequence and influence over the cell ?


Please help me urgently and source the related texts too !!



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I assume that you mean unchecked production of the endonuclease proteins.


There are different types of DNA endonuclease that perform different roles. The ones I know about are produced by bacteria to defend from viral infection. So these endonucleases target DNA that is not part of the cells own chromosomes and they cut at very specific sites. I think some DNA endonucleases are produced during cell apoptosis (cell suicide), they target the cells own DNA and (as far I remember) are not to fussy where they cut.


So before I could answer what would happen following unchecked production I think I would need a little more detail. I'm sure there are people around here who more about this than me though.


I think that DNA endonucleases are ineffective while the DNA is folded into chromosomes. So again, I think you would need to narrow down the situation you are talking about.


I hope I havn't completely misunderstood what you are asking.

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