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Bile salts for simulated intestinal fluid?


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Hi, I am trying to prepare some simulated intestinal fluid (SIF) with and without micelles. Any chance there are any research biochemists who might be familiar with this media preparation?

Most methods (and commercial products) seem to mix sodium taurocholate with lecithin to prepare SIF. However, we had purchased some "bile salts" (50/50 mix of cholate and deoxycholate) which are less expensive than the taurocholate and were wondering if this is also considered appropriate for SIF, although I only found one reference so far that uses those with lecithin.

Is there a chemical reason for using taurocholate instead of cholate/deoxycholate? Would it be considered "acceptable" to use the cholate/deoxycholate mixture, or would a reviewer expect taurocholate needs to be used?

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