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How can I present environmental information (like external service URLs or passwords) to an OpenShift / Kubernetes deployment?


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I have a front-end (React) application. I want to build it and deploy to 3 environments - dev, test and production. As every front-end app it needs to call some APIs. API addresses will vary between the environments. So they should be stored as environment variables.

I utilize S2I Openshift build strategy to create the image. The image should be built and kind of sealed for changes, then before deployment to each particular environment the variables should be injected.

So I believe the proper solution is to have chained, two-stage build. First one S2I which compiles sources and puts it into Nginx/Apache/other container, and second which takes the result of the first, adds environment variables and produces final images, which is going to be deployed to dev, test and production.

Is it correct approach or maybe simpler solution exists?

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