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Keep in mind that tin does not dissolve in hydrochlorid acid at any appreciable rate. A mix of tin and lead probably also does not dissolve easily. PbCl2 is quite insoluble and tin does not react at all with HCl.


I tried personally dissolving tin and it is really slow


The following may be interesting info: Google groups -- thread on tin


Testing whether a piece of metal is lead or tin is easy. Dissolve in conc. HNO3 and then dilute 10 to 20 times. If there is tin in the liquid' date=' then a white precipitate is formed of SnO2. Add a solution of KI to the diluted liquid (whether this contains white precipitate or not does not matter for the test on lead). If there is lead in the liquid, then a beautiful bright yellow precipitate is formed of PbI2. So, in one go you can detect the presence of tin and the presence of lead.[/quote']



Hi there

I would like to add that aqua regia is the way to go digesting a solder metal

3 parts HCl and 1 part HNO3

warm gently for around an hour :)

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