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Misinformation word salad (split from mRNA vaccines - RNA inserting itself into the host genome?)


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Beware polyamine mRNA structural component mis-labeled as part of "Lipid Nano-Particle" vaccine.

Polyamine: N\/\N : N/\/N/\/N : N/\/N\/\/N 

Carbon - Nitrogen chains that can carry from +2 to +4 charge

Ubiquitious charge carrier intracellularly for nuclear material and helical structure needed for reading of mRNA for translation to Spike protein.

Spike protein a weak analogue of PERFORIN : human short-cut to pore forming component of the compliment cascade's pore former C5-C9 or whatever the fuck: put a hole in it and lyse it for the macrophage.

Lysing polyamine analgoues mis-labeled as LNP should be easy: destroy amide-acyl or whatever you call a fatty acid bond that they get away with calling it a lipid nano-particle when it's bound to an polyamide structural component: spermine, spermidine, whatever the fuck punch a charge hole in it and degrade that so you stop making Spike protein.

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