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hex code cryptogram


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Have the following hex codes, that appear in the following order. I've noticed that there are 54 items total, the first 27 and the latter 27 are the same just in a different order between the halves. I have the below columns split as the first 27 and then the next 27 are in the second column. I assume this is supposed to resolve into text but I've tried converting the hex codes into utf-8 or ascii and get mostly random or invalid characters. Not sure where to start with decrypting this, I assume it's important that the unique items get reused exactly once. also there were no # signs in front of the codes so I'm not sure if this relates to being color hex codes or not? Also tried converting to rgb and using those values but got nowhere. Any help is appreciated!

8a9a5b  e2062c   
Bfff00    4c2882
4b0082  b22222
A7fc00  0000ff
00a86b  40e0d0
004242  2d5da1
B284be  004242
Ff496c  74c365
C46210  bdda57
00ff00   c04000
4c2882  807523
0000ff    cf6ba9
E2062c  da1884
B22222  8a9a5b
40e0d0  014421
807523  711734
Da1884  a7fc00
74c365  1b4d3e
C04000  4b0082
Bdda57  eed202
2d5da1  ff496c
014421 9966cc
Cf6ba9  c46210
711734  bfff00
1b4d3e  00a86b
Eed202  b284be
9966cc  00ff00  


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