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Solving trigonometric equation with tangent

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Please help me the following equation, we need to calculate X relative to the other:
\tan{(2X-\phi_0)} = \frac{\rho\sin{\phi-a\sin{X}}}{\rho\cos{\phi}-a\cos{X}}
Thank you very much!

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What does "relative to the other" mean?  What "other"?


[math]tan(\alpha- \beta)= \frac{tan(\alpha)- tan(\beta)}{1+ tan(\alpha)tan(\beta)}[/math]

so [math]tan(2X- \phi_0)= \frac{tan(2X)- tan(\phi_0)}{1+ tan(2X)tan(\phi_0)}[/math].

By the same formula

[math]tan(2X)= tan(X- (-X))= \frac{2tan(X)}{1- tan^2(X)}[/math]

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