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Does a relay switch the CCTV camera to night mode!?


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Firstly why there isn't any Electronic subforum here!??

Secondly i installed a pack of CCTV for my parents' house

Then i saw one of the weak chinese cameras switches to B/W black and white while the night.

I installed several LEDs around the parking and selected 'DAY MODE'[forever] in the settings of the DVR,


One has to turn on the LEDs every night, and switch off every day!!

Then i decided install a Photo-Cell that does that automatically,

Then i thought and remembered that the camera itself had a noise like to noise of the relay for switching D/N!

Then i decided research for diagram/datasheet/schematic of the camera that find Does it have any relay within that or not!

And didn't find in Google[pbuh]

Do you have any knowledge about existence of any relay!?

IF it has,


I suggest the companies of CCTVs to add such option to their CCTVs and add an external wire for that side of others



Also this is a thermometer for our neighbours that was been damaged and he himself was tried to fix it then he made it how you see in the photo!!

I asked him: who has made you forced to open it while you are only a Goldsmith!??

He replied: don't you remember that you yourself were my worker about 20 years ago!??

I replied: Hahaaaaha but I had experience also after that had study about the Electronic


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