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Bismuth crystal grower earnestly inquiring about best process for mega growth. Seeking alchemical guidance, and intellectual passage.

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Greetings, yall.
For personal interests, I am on an alchemical journey to creating an absolute unit of a Bismuth Crystal, similar in size to the ones sold on Ebay, like from Chinese labs et al. I have even bought a 7 lb specimen to stare at and reverse engineer what i think are physical clues..

I have long searched for months now everywhere I can for the apparently world's best-kept  "trade secret". Simply put, I am a 28 year old female artist and self practicing energy/vibrational healer from the Appalachian region of NC. I have amassed ~80 lbs slowly over the past two years and have been very passionate and deliberate with my newfound love of metal..when im not studying radionics and various energetic modalities. So mental in nature! OK.
Currently I am utilizing:
a propane heater outside,
stainless steel containers,
industrial laser thermometer, 
and have been experimenting with various techniques to cool slowly.:
stewing her in the oven, nesting my crucible in a pressure cooker, greensand, styrofoam, you name it
I have magnets or different strengths and such. I am aware that it is diamagnetic. So am I. 
I also know its photovoltaic and have been using a low level laser for funnsies, and lastly,
have a mad scientist plan for soon hooking up /contacting the material to my rife machine (frequency generator) with a pulsed emf cable, or speaker wires, or TENS pads. (So yall know I'm truly dedicated to the spirit of science and experimentation.)
I have just read something recently about supercooling it... it has been divinely hinted through my conversations with various friends i bounce thoughts off of..honestly though, no wherewithall on what it'll ultimately do. Could be a red herring. Im not trying to willy-nilly melt too much so i might spare the needless oxidation, but alas, intellectual property hinders my efforts. (cant afford to buy into those annuals, obviously I'm broke from zealous research as it is.)

I mean, what are these wizards and warlocks doing- working with 10 ton vats of it,? electroforming it?, vaccuuming it?!?

Thanks for bearing with me...I am becoming.. I never thought i would find myself head over heels for chemistry/metallurgy as it has so seriously compelled me. It is my philosophers stone.Or as i put it, secret space specimen.  ANYWAY, :
Essentially My trouble is that the bismuth may be cooling slowly, and the crystals may be more defined, however 'no dice' with the sizes..at best i get maybe a half-inch of well defined crystal.. so where is the rub with regards to the flux of temp, polarization, inductive heat and relative size? is it facilitated by seeding, pouring, supercooling- someone just PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR RECIPE!! I'm not trying to make money off it. As it is, all of my favorite crystals have been handed out like halloween candy, spreading wonder to my dissonant friends and affording my other armchair scientist friends some material for their own spiritual/mental research projects, which are remarkable and diverse. 

I pray my inquiry is recieved as humble albeit frenetic, my love of language is all I have to describe these nuances that I don't actually have the scientific grasp to vocalize. I am open to all ideas and implications. Hell,  maybe one day ill get a job with hopefully 'good guys', contributing to the scientific revival of hushed quantum fieldwork..who knows.  You all seem to be "straight shooters" as they say, so send it!!

All my best, 


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