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    painting, forging, crafting of all kinds.
    alchemical and spiritual science.

    i love diving into philosophical, hypothetical and slightly out of reach rabbit holes
    mass conspiracy, geo, exopolitics, ideaological and critical theory. semantics and laws we either experience or are beholden to

    lets just say i have a brain space to fill
    self edumacated. so excuse me in advance.
    the more i know, the more ignorant i find myself.

    psychology, transactional analysis, binaurals, psychedelics, and whatever *comes to mind*, eh?
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    reiki licensure, creative business management. humanities, school of hard knocks, etc
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    Radionics, EMF, Vibrational Healing, with a heaping side of materials science
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    reception for a commercial printing press. Pretty much Pam from The Office. professional hospitality and coordination

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  1. im no learned astrophysicist but my thoughts would be that there could be a percieved visual distance, but there could be a tesseract or fold in time-space, or even gaseous obscurance ..or "scalable ambient obscurance" might apply.. furthermore, triangulation is intentional based, and (heres where i derail-) transcendent of reality, i humbly believe. though time, space, locality are relative as experience may afford. chances are, youd be empirically aware of what you could anticpate before en route to point c. fascinating subject, man!! cheers.
  2. Greetings, yall. For personal interests, I am on an alchemical journey to creating an absolute unit of a Bismuth Crystal, similar in size to the ones sold on Ebay, like from Chinese labs et al. I have even bought a 7 lb specimen to stare at and reverse engineer what i think are physical clues.. I have long searched for months now everywhere I can for the apparently world's best-kept "trade secret". Simply put, I am a 28 year old female artist and self practicing energy/vibrational healer from the Appalachian region of NC. I have amassed ~80 lbs slowly over the past two years and have be
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