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Low visual memory - What does it mean?


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I tried the tests on humanbenchmark and I am satisfied that my scores are representative of how well I can do without excessive training which would invalidate their validity. I have quite a low score in the visual memory section, and I don't think it's possible for me to do any better. I am frankly amazed that people are able to do better on the visual memory test than I am. I was not aware that you people are so good at remembering where where a bunch of squares are. What does it mean that I cannot do well on this test? On a side note my hearing score is poor because I listened to extremely loud music at a bar one night a couple of years ago and it gave me mild tinnitus which I still have, take care of your ears people.


What's especially interesting is that the distribution of the scores seems to be bimodal. What's up with that?


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