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Relations between numbers in a squence.

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There’s a reference in Bertrand Russell's book: Analysis of matter, pg 3, third paragraph - continuing onto Pg 4.

He talks about R as relating a term to its successive term in a sequence - using the sum of first "n" odd numbers equaling n^2 as an example.

I'm not sure how he defines "R" to start with in this example. 

Then introduces Rxn, which relates a sequence of numbers together?? 

I'm not sure if I'm reading his notation correctly. 

Any input on this passage would be helpful. 

There is link to the book below.








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It is defined in Principia Mathematica, by Russell & Whitehead, if I'm not mistaken (see footnote on mentioned page.)

But it seems to refer to an abstract recursion or rule, not necessarily numerical.

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