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I would like some information on how i could go about creating and advertising an online community.


I set up my forum last night which forms part of the Nippers site that i run but obviously i dont have any users as yet. Id just like to know how i could go about attracting users to my forum and keeping them there so i can build a community much like this one.


Check it out, Nippers Driving Forums.


Don't worry Mods, im not trying to steal users, our boards are very much unrelated. Im just looking for some help and advice.




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I think it's safe to say almost every member of the forum has their own web page/forum/discussion group etc. Unless you have a group of people who you know will come to the forum before you set it up, there isn't much point setting it up. What you've done is set up a forum for your learner drivers, and they should start using it if you tell them you'll answer questions if they post in it. After a while the questions will propagate onto google and people will see them when they search.

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