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Inheriting hair type

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My husband and I have always had straight hair. We had IVF and now have a beautiful 15 month old girl. She had straight hair until the last few months or so whereby she has wavy curly hair at the back but mostly straight elsewhere.

Curious to know why she currently has this type of natural style going on :) we do have one or two members on both sides of the family who have had/do have some curls going on-not the grandparents we don't think. Have we passed down some sort of dominant hair Gene's but display differently in our girl or has a spontaneous trait occurred?

Would love to know more :) thank you.

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Your daughter's curly hair is the result of a recessive 'curly hair' gene that she inherited from you and your husband...

For an organism to acquire a recessive trait from two parents with a dominant trait, the parents must both have the recessive allele for the trait.

So in the punnett square below, if both you and your husband have a recessive allele, but are carriers, your daughter has a 25% chance of having 2 recessive alleles, which in this case curly hair, in turn showing the trait

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